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Editable Comments

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Eagle eyed viewers may have noticed a new "Edit" button next to their comments. Yes, you can now fix a broken link, correct a typo, or add additional information to your comments.

Things to note:
  • Any positive moderation points will be removed. Negative moderation points will remain to prevent trolls from reseting the comment's score by simply editing their comment.
  • The "Edit Time" of the comment will change. This will allow visitors to see it as a new comment (and turn it blue.)
  • The full history of the modifications can be seen by clicking on the comment link. The diff is colored with green (additions) and red (deletions) backgrounds to help highlight the changes.
Example edited comment below.

    Hello Journal!

    in pipedot on (#2S4A)
    Good news everybody! Journals are now enabled for all user accounts! The term "journal" from slashcode likely pre-dated the term "blog" commonly used on other popular sites (like Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr) and, therfore, I've decided to keep the retro-sounding name. Similar to the venerable slashcode journal, the Pipedot version allows you to write your extended thoughts and post them in the familiar story-like form – complete with comments and community moderation.

    Another cool feature of the journal is the built-in photo support. You can upload photos and attach them to your journal entries without having to rely on an external image hosting service. As an example, I humbly present "Crabby":

    My Dad snapped this little guy's picture on the dock of our fishing cabin at Port O'Connor, Texas.